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Valley Bikenight is a sportbike event held every Wednesday night at the El Camino Shopping Center, at the west end of the San Fernando Valley. Although it is mainly a sportbike event we welcome everyone and all bikes, because motorcycling isn't about WHAT you ride, it's THAT you ride.

To maintain this event we must have a respectful relationship with local law enforcement. Everyone at Valley Bikenight thanks you for doing your part to maintain this relationship. Click here for details. In addition to our weekly nighttime gathering, we also get together for rides and special events, barbecues, track days and things of that nature. Although we all come from different walks of life, our passion for motorcycles brings us together as trusted friends. Just as we invite all riders to Bikenight, we invite all riders along to our events. Simply log in to our forums to find out what's going on next.


Third Annual 9/11 Rememberance Ride, Coming Up
August 31
, 2007 | Discuss | by motofabio

Valley Bikenight's third annual September 11th Memorial Ride is coming up. The last two years have been a good time. This all-day, two-&-½-tank ride is a great route, with miles and miles of turns, twists, curves, banks and even some nice straights.

Save the date: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9
Everyone is welcome to join us. Click here for details on where to meet up!

Suit up!
July 18, 2007

Village Coffee Summer Nights
June 26, 2007 | Discuss | by motofabio

Just got the word that VCR will be open again starting this Wednesday night. Let's be sure to jump in there and grab a Ice-blended something or other or gelatto or something to help support our host that will be staying open mainly for us.

Not only are we helping to support our host, but by buying from the local shop, we're not just standing around, but we are PAYING CUSTOMERS, which makes a huge difference when we're talking about our right to be there. Please... buy a cup. THANKS! u

CBS Sports to broadcast three race package of MotoGP races
June 10, 2007 | Discuss | Associated Press

As MotoGP continues its growth across the world, three races will be broadcast on network television across the United States this summer after an agreement was reached between CBS Sports and MotoGP’s commercial rights-holder, Dorna Sports. This agreement represents the most extensive free-to-air television package that MotoGP races have ever enjoyed in the US, and is a further indication of the growing popularity of the sport across the nation.

CBS Sports will broadcast races from the heart of the MotoGP season. Coverage starts with the hugely attended Grand Prix from Barcelona on June 10 (1:30-2:30 p.m., ET), and is closely followed by MotoGP’s most traditional race from the TT Circuit in Assen, Netherlands on June 30 (2:00-3:00 p.m., ET), with the third race coming from the Sachsenring, Germany on July 15 (1:00-2:00 p.m., ET). The race telecasts will include not only the thrilling race coverage but will also include exciting features, news and interviews as well as the sophisticated information and graphics package that helps race fans follow the exciting action. More...

Memorial Day 2007: You Are Remembered
May 28, 2007 | by motofabio

There's absolutely no way
to express the gratitude we should all feel for each and every soldier that has paid the ultimate price for our benefit. We set aside this day each year to remember our fallen brothers and sisters. Most of us make a fun day out of today -as Americans it's practically our duty to press on with "normal" life- but there's always room in our day to say a little prayer for those brave souls.

Law Enforcement Presence
May 2 - May 23, 2007 | Discuss | by motofabio

5/23 BIKENIGHT — 3-2-1 Contact!
I spoke to the local CHP office today. I spoke with them candidly about the situation, voiced my concerns and listened carefully to what they had to say. It boils down to two issues. 1) CHP received a complaint that had been routed through a local City Counsel office about a motorcyclist leaving our lot in a wheelie. It came from a source important enough that non-action was not an option. 2) As stated time and time over, it's a slap in the face for motorcyclists to ride at speed in excess of 100mph on the way to and departing from Bikenight - yet they seem to pop people every Wednesday night. These are the exact same concerns we heard last year, and the year before that. More... u

5/16 BIKENIGHT — And they're back. Tonight the CHP was back in full swing. I've heard stories ranging from "this is their normal 'welcome to summer' enforcement tactics" to someone high-up in the community doesn't like motorcycles. One of us was told by an officer that we have been deemed "troublemakers". I wonder... have any of these cops ever been to Bikenight to see what really goes on? Rather, what DOESN'T go on. The bottom line is that this great group of law-abiding people that are being targeted for absolutely no reason. We come to Bikenight for two hours a week, we don't cause any trouble whatsoever and we are damn near the nicest people I've ever met. Yet, we have become the subject of harassment simply because of the vehicles we love.

What can we do to help? Until this mess is straightened out, please be extra cautious of your riding habits that you follow the rules of the road as you approach and depart from Bikenight. Also, let's be sure to patronize the places in the lot. Not only will that help keep the parking lot management on our side, but it will make you a customer of one of the establishments, not just someone "loitering" in the lot. Next week's dinner spot: SUBWAY! u

5/9 BIKENIGHT — Compared to the hoopla from last week, tonight was a dud. We saw one LAPD unit drive through just checking things out, and as is the norm there was nothing to bother with. Aside from a local teenager that decided to drive to Savon on his little 50, there wasn't anything to speak of. Sooo... what happened last week? Still trying to find out, but apparently whatever the big emergency was it wasn't a priority this week. u

5/2 BIKENIGHT — There are a lot of questions about the Law Enforcement presence tonight. It came as a shock to most of us that law enforcement was at such a high level tonight. We haven't even so much as seen a patrol car drive by in months, yet last night we had three or four cars and about four motors around and passing through Bikenight. When they came into the parking lot to write tickets, it was clearly time to leave. I am attempting to contact the local field offices to open up communication and will keep you posted as new information comes in. u

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