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It all started with a Valley full of sportbike riders with nothing to do during the week. In the summer of 2000, two riders who weren't satisfied with riding only on the weekends started meeting up at the Denny's on Burbank and Topanga for a cup of Joe and a cruise down to Hollywood.

Having better coffee than Denny's, it seemed a better place to meet was at the Starbucks on Topanga and Ventura. Here the weekly meeting grew in numbers simply by other riders stopping to say hello and see what's up and by word of mouth. By the summer of 2001 the weekly gathering was bringing together about 50 motorcycles. This was too many for the small row of parking spaces in front of Starbucks, so everyone moved to the side of the lot directly at the corner of Topanga & Ventura. At about this time there was no organization to the event, so Impact Motorsports Promotions put up a website, SFV Bikenight, for centralized information and photos.

The ride into Hollywood was still happening. Over the Sepulveda Pass and across Sunset Blvd to either Pink's Hot Dog Stand or Mel's Diner. As the number of motorcyclists grew, the parking lots of those two locations could not accommodate the group. A new Hollywood destination was selected: Carney's. This lot could easily pack in 150 or so motorcycles, but as Bikenight's popularity grew in the summer of 2002, the group started spilling out onto the streets and we were eventually kicked out of Carney's by the management.

Things continued to grow and grow at the original location, even with the lack of a place to go to in Hollywood. In the summer of 2003 a new Hollywood location (Fatburger) that could accommodate hundreds of motorcycles was landed, and both spots exploded! As the numbers in the Valley climbed over 350, the popularity of Hollywood drew an ever-increasing crowd of motorcyclists and unfortunately other unwelcome visitors in cars. It all came to a boil in July of 2003 when over 400 motorcyclists showed up at the Valley location. The property owners would not allow us to continue to meet there and called LAPD in to remove everyone on a Trespassing violation - SFV Bikenight needed a new home.

Hollywood continued to grow to unprecedented levels as the staff scrambled to find a spot to meet in the Valley. The next week the event was held in front of Yankee Doodle on Topanga & Victory and following week behind it. The two following weeks were at the Blue Burrito in Canoga Park. All the while Jeremy and Fabio were searching for a new location that could accommodate everyone.

SFV Bikenight was invited to the Village Coffee Roaster (VCR), near the 101 in Woodland Hills, and we knew this would be an excellent spot to have Bikenight as long as we could keep a certain level of behavior. Even though strong efforts were being made to maintain the peace, police presence was always a factor in Bikenight in the Valley. The numbers have not since seen the popularity attained at Starbucks.

At this point The Hollywood Stop at Fatburger had gone completely out of control and was again too much for the property owners and LAPD to allow. Without a Hollywood spot for months, the numbers at VCR grew and grew - as did the unruly behavior. An EVENT STAFF team was assembled to help keep this to a minimum, but ultimately, what made it stop was attaining a new spot in Hollywood for the people that choose to act that way to go. Carl's Jr was the new Hollywood spot, and that lasted for a year, until once again it was too much. The Hollywood stop was then relocated to Denny's on Sunset. Understandably so, some people prefer the atmosphere of Hollywood over the Valley and vise-versa.

In March of 2005, due to increased tension between IMP and LAPD, Bikenight in the San Fernando Valley was in danger of being shut down completely. At that point IMP ceased promoting a bikenight in the San Fernando Valley on the basis of poor attendance due to this increased stress.

Former SFV Bikenight Staff Fabio Bandini, picked up where they left off and has started promoting for the event with a new attitude and a new name, seemed appropriate! This new Bikenight, although held at the same location and time, is completely new and in no way is affiliated with SFV Bikenight or Impact Motorsports Promotions, which is why our attendance numbers record begins in April of 2005 - when began. SFV Bikenight is still an event held in Hollywood every Wednesday night and has seen amazing popularity. As of June 2006 SFV Bikenight has been appropriately renamed Hollywood Bikenight.

incorporates a much closer and respectful relationship with local and state law enforcement agencies with a better line of communication. This focus concentrates on the sole purpose of maintaining a lasting motorsport event where all riders can gather without the "Hollywood atmosphere" as it has come to be known. It could not have been done without this excellent line of communication with law enforcement, the fantastic support of Dustin at VCR, the thumbs up from all of the other shops, restaurants and businesses in the area and the cooperation of all the riders that attend .

often has law enforcement visiting our event, on and off duty. And while they are there professionally, they come to talk, to see the bikes and build relations with the community - not to harass. u