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Of course you are welcome to come in a car instead of a motorcycle. We understand that not everyone that shares our passion for motorcycles actually owns one. Please enjoy our event with the following in mind:

• While approaching Valley Bikenight, please be aware of the numerous motorcycles headed in the same direction. As the saying goes "Motorcycles Are Everywhere".

• When you arrive, please do not attempt to drive through the area designated for motorcycles. Even if the cones have not been put out yet, please avoid driving through the aisle closest to the street.

• Turn your volume down and keep it there. The surrounding residential neighborhood doesn't appreciate your $20,000 car stereo. It's simply a disturbance that will be associated with our event. Please be respectful; turn it down.

• Please park your car appropriately! Leave the spaces along the aisle closest to the street for motorcycles. We need all the room we can get for all the bikes that will be there. Please leave the spaces closest to the businesses available for their non-bikenight customers. That still leaves plenty of room for cars.

• Absolutely no driving fast, burnouts or "hittin' switches" at or near our event. Again, if that type of illegal activity becomes associated with Valley Bikenight we will all be asked to leave permanently.

• If you are driving your car and attending or departing with friend(s) on motorcycles, one of the most common and extremely dangerous things to do is to follow your buddy too close. Your car, no matter what you drive, simply cannot match any motorcycle's maneuverability, acceleration or stopping power. You are putting each and every motorcyclist's life at risk when you try to keep up. Be smart, be safe and simply meet your friend at the destination. That feels better than trying to explain to his family why you accidently ran him over on Wednesday night.

• Lastly, keep in mind that it's Valley BIKENIGHT, not Valley CARNIGHT. You might have an impressive car that gets attention, but we are all here for motorcycles, not cars. There's a time and place for everything. Wednesday nights at VCR is the time and place for motorcycles.

If you are a motorcyclist, we strongly encourage you to RIDE YOUR MOTORCYCLE to Valley Bikenight! We understand that there may be times when this is not possible or simply inconvenient. Or you may not have all of your paperwork in order and it's a better decision to drive than risk being ticketed, arrested and/or towed. At those times when you choose to drive your car, please abide by the same guidelines listed above. Thank you!